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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create More Income with Your Designs

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It’s an incredible thing to be a creative. A mix of high emotions and hard work can make for an exciting career.

If you are ready to start earning more income, I’ve pulled together 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to start earning extra money

1: Open Up a Shop

You can do this either by designing then buying product but my best advice is to start off with no outlying expenses by using a fulfilment service. These sites are incredibly easy to set up and often work well with websites such as Spotify, Wix and even Etsy.

You can automatically create mock-ups within the sites, and any orders generated on your site are processed and shipped via the fulfilment company. Just make sure to price your items appropriately to cover the cost of printing and shipping and give you enough profit to be happy with.

2: Print On Demand

If you have a large number of designs a good place to start leveraging their potential will be POD sites. Examples of popular POD sites are Society 6, Redbubble, Spoonflower, Patternbank and Thortful. Via this route you can create a number of different products in many markets such as fashion or home decor. For each sale made you take home a small royalty which is normally paid out to you once per month.

3: Online Classes

It’s highly likely that you have enough expertise or skills in a particular area that could be utilised into an online class. You can use sites like Skillshare or Kijabi and similar to host your class, or you can launch it via your own website. Utilising your social media following and newsletter list could help a successful launch. Classes on Skillshare need to be a minimum of 30 minutes which makes it more manageable and accessible for new teachers, and they often have workshops for people to join who might be creating their first class.

4: Ebooks

Much like launching an online class, you could write an ebook on your specialist subject. These can be great forerunners to an online class and can be as comprehensive as you like. Sell it on your website or upload it as a Kindle book.

5: Licensing

If you’re feeling ready to push your designs even further, licensing to companies may be your next step. You can license to greetings card, fabric, children’s clothing, toys, home decor and stationery. The possiblies of licensing are endless and researching can be as fun as shopping to see what’s out there already and making notes of the companies. Licensing deals can be extremely lucrative with upfront fees and royalties involved. If you are representing yourself you’ll have to keep detailed records of all deals made, but you could make money many times over off of one deign, so it’s a highly recommended route to take.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on how you can move forward and make MORE money with YOUR art.

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I’ll be back soon with more articles on your creative business very soon.

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