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A Favourite Illustration Project From Five Years Ago

Looking Back On My Work

I've gone back through the archives to 2018 to share one of my favourite projects of that year. These Christmas themed illustrations were for one of two baby board books for YoYo Books.

This project was probably my first dipping my toe into baby books and since then I can proudly say that I have illustrated about 18 for this age category and am currently working on books 7 and 8 for YoYo books. I was given quite a lot of creative freedom on this project which from experience can be both good and bad. In this instance it worked well and I really developed my character illustrations, animals and illustrating scenes. All things I hadn't had much experience of before.

5 years ago I was in my first year with my agents, Advocate Art. It was a busy year with lots of projects. Some fell through, and some were not great, but I am so proud of where I am now as a children's book illustrator.

Each project I get helps me to develop more as an illustrator. I'm forever grateful to each publisher I work with and especially those who took a chance on me as an inexperienced book illustrator.

Back to 2022, and I'm having another extremely busy year. I am just finishing up my 4th book of the year and will be starting my 5th in August.

My top tip for managing multiple projects on the go... Airtable. Try it!

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