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Top tips to design your child’s themed bedroom.. that you will both love

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Written by Harriet Turley, Owner of Lola and Masey Childrens Interiors

Choosing how to design your child’s bedroom is never a simple task. At Lola and Masey we aim to involve your children in the design process to create their dream spaces, however, how can you design with a theme in mind that they want while keeping it classy, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing for all?

Many parents come to me wanting to create their child’s dream room with their favourite theme but with the understandable fears of it becoming, shall we say.. ‘too much’!

I’m going to share with you some top tips to achieve a themed room in style that both you and your little ones will love…

1. Keep it simple. This may seem obvious but seriously we don’t need to have every corner of your child’s room in their chosen theme. You can have just as much of an impact with your theme by making really considered design choices. For example, a jungle themed room may mean that you would like to use a jungle wallpaper. Consider just one feature wall for the wallpaper rather than doing all four.

2. Consider what kind of materials and colours that may be associated with the chosen theme so the room doesn’t come across so ‘literal’. For example a safari theme room could be associated with rattan or jute materials and fairly neutral colours. For example try bringing this theme into the room with light wooden or rattan furniture, jute rugs and green colours with accents of the safari theme coming through in wall art, cushions and accessories. Same would apply to our example of ‘under the sea’ theme below.. consider all the different tones of blue you could use and materials associated such as wood, metal, and rope.

3. Try to broaden the chosen theme, for example instead of doing a ‘Disney princess theme’ think of it more as ‘enchanted’. This will give you more design freedom and will give you a better overall result in the end. So for this we could consider a castle bed or headboard as a main feature, a canopy for a cosy corner, lots of decorative lighting, and using the prime colours on walls and soft furnishings rather than being so specific with princess wallpaper or bedding.

Lastly we would say, really think about what you are trying to create, in most cases what your child actually wants is to feel emersed in a room that makes them feel like they are in their favourite theme, they just don’t know how to explain this! To them they think this means having their favourite super hero physically on the walls and on the bedding but when you can actually design a super hero themed room with help from the tips above they are sure to get so much more excitement out of their room, that is aesthetically pleasing for you too, winning!

We hope these three top tips will help you to create the theme room that your child and yourself will love. Check out our under the sea theme mood board below and download our PDF to shop these items. For more themed rooms and bespoke design packages visit our website

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