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Piccolina Kids Collectors Edition Dolls

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Piccolina Kids have recently launched a new batch of collectable dolls off the back of their first set, which promptly sold out.

The first launch included my RBG and Frida Kahlo dolls, all lovingly designed and stitched by Jennifer Long at Bee Sew Inspired. The details included in these are amazing, with embroidery and accessories that make each doll unique.

In the latest launch of dolls are my Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall Illustrations. Available in a limited number of 50 each these really are collectors items. Be Sew Inspired has done a wonderful job yet again.

I’m so proud to be an extended part of the team at Piccolina, and love what they have achieved with their brand in the last couple of years. I’m not giving anything way yet, but there might be some more exciting things coming out one day soon.

Click here to check out the available dolls.

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