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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Adobe Illustrator Basics: From Sketch to Digital Using the Pencil Tool

In this class you are going to take your own unique floral sketches from your sketchbook and digitise them in Adobe Illustrator using the pencil tool.

You will be guided through the following:

Sketching - time to grab a sketchbook and get drawing

Examples - I'll show you some examples of how I use flowers in my work

Exporting Sketches To A Computer - If you have a phone this is super easy

Setting Up The Artboard - We will get ourselves ready in Illustrator by setting up the artboard

Digital Drawing - Using the pencil tool, we will trace around our sketches to create beautiful art

Class Wrap Up - Well done for getting here!

Bonus - I couldn't bear to leave it there, so I turned my flowers into a pattern, and I show you how in this quick video.

Wrapping Up - a short thank you for taking my first ever class here on Skillshare.

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