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Boost your illustration career today

Get to the grades in class, get the job you want, get the skills you need.

That’s just the start of what my mentoring programme can help with. I love helping aspiring creatives, and that's why I'm offering to help you now.

About your Mentor

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As a professional illustrator and surface pattern designer, I know, and remember how tough the early stage of your career can be. It's a balance between constantly creating new work and being creative as well as finding clients and managing a business.

In 2011 I started my career as an illustrator and have, thankfully, watched my business grow each year. I have worked with clients including Harper Collins, Hallmark US, Quarto Publishing, WH Smith and many more

With experience in editorial, publishing and licensing, I would love to help you set targets and achieve goals
to land you your next BIG CLIENT.

I have a number of packages now on offer which you can book in below

Work With Me

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